Thursday, June 17, 2010

Turning Over A New Leaf

I went to a presentation today that talked about the future of Electric vehicles (cars!) and charging stations. Kudos to Nissan for stepping out of the status quo to launch a new product and seek to differentiate itself from most of the rest of the industry. With a whole infrastructure of home chargers and charging stations needed to be put into place, Nissan is blazing new ground and will likely benefit from first user advantage.

One metric of consumer interest is that they have over 70,000 fans on their Facebook page for the Nissan Leaf - a car that won't be introduced until December. They also have thousands of consumer that have already paid a $99 reservation deposit to get a Nissan Leaf when it is released. Apple CEO, Steve Jobs is one of those who has ordered one.

Now that's a competitive strategy that won't be easy to knock off!


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