Sunday, May 20, 2012

Social Marketing - Strategy or Tactic?

Its been some time since I have posted on this blog as a result of being busy with various client projects.  Today's topic is timely in that Facebook went public at a nosebleed valuation.  Social marketing is a component of just about every marketing plan that I am involved in and I admin about ten pages.  I also advertise on Facebook for multiple clients so I have some insight into the role of social marketing.  Understanding that social marketing is a tactic and not a strategy is something that you don't hear much about in the media or from the myriad of self proclaimed social marketing experts.  My goal for a B2C client is to generate about 5-10% of our web traffic from Facebook.  Often this traffic is also the least engaged source of traffic as they may only recently become aware of your brand through advertising or interaction with the page of a friend who "likes" your brand.

I will be speaking on June 6th, 2012 about some of the analytics available on the internet.  Click here to learn more.  If you can't make this presentation, feel free to visit my website for more information on web analytics.


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