Wednesday, May 10, 2006

We need new taxes

The operative word is new taxes, not higher income taxes. The US government needs to be creative in how they are going to deal with the deficit. I believe that they should look for new sources of revenue. Here are a couple of ideas that may be supported by a surprisingly large portion of the population because they wouldn't be personally impacted. How about higher taxes on gambling (why should the sovereign Indian nations be getting all this windfall, prostitution (regulate and tax it), legalization of marijuana (huge tax potential coming right out of the pockets of the black market) and through the sale of citizenships. Let's start with selling citizenships to the 10 million illegals currently in the US. The government can finance the sale over five years and reduce the amount of money going to coyotes and immigration lawyers. Citizenships can be sold to people originating outside of the Americas for $40-50,000 each. Hey, if you want to be an American, you got to take some responsibility for the National Debt.