Wednesday, February 13, 2008

The Little Black Dress Party

In my line of work, I have a great deal of respect for companies that work hard to define their brand, to differentiate their offerings and to innovate to stay ahead of the competition. That being said, I am particularly delighted to spotlight a promotion hatched by my own brother, Dennis. He runs Mohegan Manor ( which is a restaurant and banquest facility in the Syracuse NY suburb of Baldwinsille (which he has also renamed as "Historic Baldwinsville" in all his marketing.

Every woman has a Little Black Dress that she paid way too much for that sits in the back of her closet begging to be shown off...right?

That's how the copy for his promotional materials goes. Mental images start forming right away. I believe that this concept works very well with both genders and if his first event was any indication, the event scheduled for Thursday February 21st, is sure to be a smash hit. The Syracuse Newspaper liked the idea so much they featured it on the cover of their entertainment section a month in advance.

This idea is sure to be copied across the country. Imitation is surely a high form of flattery when competitors copy you. For me, I'm proud to have such a brilliant brother.