Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Quote of the Day from Panera

"Being a better competitor became actually easier when everybody pulled back."

An interesting article on the merits of staying true to your long term strategy while ignoring some of the short term noise that makes corporations lose their way. Read the article on Businessweek on line.

Sunday, November 07, 2010

Support an Inventor this holiday

Having invented the Surf-Grip (www.Surf-Grip.com) as well as having a number of inventors as clients, I found that invention is the key driver behind an innovation economy. As much as politicians have spoken about creating jobs this recent election season, what really drives the economy is creating new inventions. It looks like the Kinect is going to be a big driver this holiday season and while it may get all the PR, its the thousands of other inventions that have provided America its competitive advantage in the global economy. As recognition of the role that inventors play in driving the economy, I'm promoting that everyone support an inventor this holiday season and by a gift of good old American know how. If you would like to buy someone a Surf-Grip, I'll really appreciate it. If you want to get me a gift, check out Stackmates (www.buystackmates.com). They are a clever space saving storage item and if you buy me a set, you can get a 2nd set for yourself for $7.95. If I get multiple sets, I'll re-gift them to my friends and my kids.

Do your part for American innovation and support an inventor this holiday.