Sunday, December 17, 2006

The Mexican Militia

The news reported recently that President Bush is planning on committing more troops to Iraq. Consider this in context with senior military officials testimony about the strains on a frequently deployed military force and a recent call for resuming the draft and it is clear that some out of the box thinking is required. What about providing some of the millions of Mexicans who are interested in working in the United States with the opportunity to enlist in special divisions of the military to serve the United States? These troops could be trained by Spanish speaking members of the United States military and support many functions in Iraq and other posts where additional troops are needed. They could be taught a variety of skills, they could learn English, they could make a better wage than otherwise might be available in Mexico or as an undocumented worker in the United States. After their period of service, the could be provided with documents that would allow them to work in the United States and/or initiate a path towards citizenship. Many Filipinos became citizens this way. It's an idea work considering.