Monday, January 30, 2006

Clear thinking in mountain air

January is predictably a slow month for consulting. Clients tend to hunker down during the holidays and spend most of January figuring out where they want to go next. I took advantage of this situation by doing some skiing - 3 days in Mammoth and then a day trip to Big Bear with my kids.

There is something special about being in the mountain air. It is clear and the exertion of skiing pumps lots of blood through your brain. You also have 10 minute intervals sitting on a chairlift. And the view ain't bad either. I figure that I have spent about 90 days at Mammoth over the years, and probably another 90 days at assorted ski resorts over the 29 seasons that I have been skiing. I would hope that I could spend another 6-12 months in the mountains before I die.

For me, being in the mountains is a stimulating experience. For others, it may be the desert, the shore or the forests. What is clear is that the average person likely does not prefer to be in traffic, a windowless work space, dirty or rundown surroundings. Companies that figure out how to create more stimulating work places are likely to retain their employees and motivate them to be productive. There is likely a lesson here and an opportunity for companies to turn their staffs into competitive advantages. Look for more companies relocating to places where employees want to live.

Sunday, January 08, 2006

Getting the Sickness - with a Margarita!

I have a little personal philosophy that is somewhat of a motto for mylife. If you have the "Sickness", you get up everyday thinking that you can get better. About 35 people from my extended network met at Cozymel's in La Jolla for a Happy Hour Networking session with the intent of making some new connections to improve their business or careers with. Folks from my contact list, subscribers to the Spherion list, the PathFinders List and friends of friends all came and started out the New Year with a margarita and a few new friends and contacts. I have been encouraged to do these regularly and also to do one in the Carlsbad area for the North County folks. Sounds like I have some margaritas in my future...

Positioning your competition

I watched the movie, Devil's Advocate last night with Al Pacino and Keanu Reeves. I picked up an interesting piece of trivia. The word Satan comes from a Hebrew word for adversary. Now I am sure lots of you think that your competitors are Satan. In a way, you are right!