Monday, February 09, 2009

A Week of Good News

It should be no surprise that the economy is not very good.  I also don't think it is as bad as one would conclude by watching the nightly news.  If yours was one of the jobs lost recently, its probably much worse than the news is reporting.  Its all a matter of perspective.  Here's a novel idea.  What if everyone didn't watch the news one week and used the time to do something constructive.  Instead of sitting in front of the TV hearing about the rising cost of health care, how about going for a walk or going to work out.  Wellness is far more affordable than health care.  How about working on a project that will save you money like adding insulation to your home or weather stripping.  Or recycling.  Or a beach clean up.  Or volunteering.  Or doing a good deed for an elderly neighbor.  You get the picture.  Do something that will make you feel good.  Turn off the news for a week.  I'm sure the world will get along with out everyone watching the news for seven days.  Try it.