Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Introducing the Surf-Grip

Differentiation is a key criteria that I preach to all my clients and when it came to launching my own product, it was important that I come up with a product that varied from all competing products. I recently launched a company with my daughter to market the Surf-Grip, a product I invented and developed which is an alternative to your bare hands or a body board when you go to the beach.

With the Surf-Grip, swimmers of all abilities will be able to improve their body surfing experience. The Surf-Grip is a pair of lightweight foam paddles with handles that beach goers can use to increase their buoyancy and improve their body surfing ability. With a MSRP targeted in the $20-25 range, the Surf-Grip will find a wide audience of beach goers and tourists who will find it more convenient and a better value than a body board.

We recently premiered it at the ASR (Action Sports Retailer) Show in San Diego and got great feedback from around the world. We're looking towards a consumer launch in South Florida and/or Mexico for Spring Break 2009. The Surf-Grip is so differentiated, we need to show people what it is and how it works. We'll have beach teams letting interested people try demo units. Keep posted for updates on this one and ask your local retailer for the Surf-Grip.
Check out the Surf-Grip on the web at www.Surf-Grip.com. The site is evolving and we'll looking to get some video up in the coming weeks.