Sunday, January 06, 2008

The Presidential Debate

The Presidential Debate aired on Television last night and I'll admit that I've had a few changes of heart as a result. I had been a bit resentful that the presidential campaign was going on way too long already and elections aren't for ten more months. It occurred to me that this leadership selection process must be interesting and confusing to people around the world. There is little question about who will be the next leader in Cuba, Saudi Arabia of many other countries around the world ruled by monarchs or dictators. The US on the other hand has an extensive process that enables America to change leadership in bloodless regime changes. Not too many countries around the world can match the length or diversity of the United States Presidential Election follies.

Over the next ten months, I hope that the candidate will demonstrate to the world the viability of the American system. Its often messy but it shows that change can occur peacefully and without the need for blood in the streets.

Hillary exceeded my expectations although I still see her as a longshot. Edwards was making the most of his #2 showing in Iowa and trying to position Hillary as less of a contender. I did have a rather bizarre thought that Hillary might use the debate to make a pre-emptive announcement that she was going to run with Obama as his Vice President combining his new ideas with her experience. It would be a formidable competitive strategy to unite the party and spend the next ten months dividing and conquering the Republican candidates. I will admit that I was drink beer while watching the debates so I really wasn't surprised when Hillary didn't do that. If she did, it would be a classic case of changing the playing field.

The next ten months should be interesting.